About Dolce

About Dolce and Schools Catering

Dolce is a family business with a genuine interest in the welfare of children. Our company was born out of a desire to improve upon the offerings of the private and public sector in respect to the catering service, the cleaning provision and supervisory and caretaking duties.

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Our Vision

From our strict environmental policy to our policies on processed foods, our methodology for transforming kitchens areas and work ethic is equaled by our love for what we do. The idea that sub-par food is acceptable because it is served to children is not one that we agree with.
And the pupils and teachers we serve agree. That is why we provide contact information for the head teachers of every school we are engaged with on request. We are proud of what we do and invite you to find out more.

Our Awards

We have acheived top industry awards for our catering service and hope to acheive many more. For more information please visit our awards page

Pre Order and Direct Debit

For more information on pre ordering please visit our parents page